Smarter Life

We use AI to empower smart city operation from every aspect of a city.

We aim to aggregate more intelligent solutions to enrich people's lives.

We are dedicated to using humane technologies to build an intelligent, platform-based, digital, and ecological city

and ensuring a better quality of city life.

Manager View

AI applies not only to the forefront but also to every grass-roots community.

We use AI for community management and build human-centric digital communities. AI allows managers to archive resident information, predict dangerous scenarios in real time, and efficiently use parking lots and other community resources. AI helps reduce the workload of each first-line manager and enables them to better serve residents in this critical period of epidemic prevention and control.

Residents' satisfaction in regard to personal safety, livelihood guarantee, and quality of life are significantly improved.

Resident View

With AI, we have always tried to make science and technology warmer.

We incorporate AI into every aspect of our lives, from daily living to our health status, thereby allowing the elderly, the lonely, and other special groups to receive the care they need. Smart cameras can monitor the dynamic status of children, ensuring their safety. With AI, we can further improve community security and ensure that everything is as it should be. Driverless shuttle buses cover every corner of the community.

AI Connects Us and
Helps Us Go Further

Our community accommodates over 4,000 residents with a rather large floating population. To become aware of resident information, we have to walk around the community frequently, and it is difficult to fully grasp all of the constant informational updates. Especially in the epidemic prevention and control period, we have urgent requirements for floating population management. It takes a large amount of labor on the strict daily oversight of floating population.

Now, we can know and analyze everyone who enters and exits our community through the dashboard on large screen in real time. This is incredibly useful for security surveillance and epidemic prevention and control.

—— Community workers

In the past, video surveillance in some places of the community was inadequate, and many dead zones existed, resulting in security risks. In places where surveillance cameras are installed, it is difficult to master live views in real time due to the number of community workers being limited. Now, AI image recognition and analysis engines are installed for all cameras in the community. This ensures there are no dead zones, and community workers do not need to watch the screen all the time, saving time and effort.

We have more time to better serve residents. We also applied digital twin supervision and lean and visual management in the community, ensuring more efficient and intuitive work.

—— Community leaders

The community has over 2,100 households, yet only slightly more than 800 parking lots are available. Finding parking can be a challenge, especially when coming home late at night.

Now, we can reserve parking spaces in advance using the mini program, which lets us know parking lot information anytime, anywhere.

—— Community residents
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