Drive to future, Drive the future

Starting from autonomous driving, Qomolo breaks the limits of time, space, and our own thought process to bring logistics towards a new future.

Since its creation in 2016, Qomolo has undertaken the mission of creating more possibilities on behalf of human beings.

In the future, Westwell will use AI to empower smart transportation, associate production and life-based factors, and use Qomolo to release manpower

in dangerous fields as well as fields with heavy workloads.

From cargo transportation to human transportation,

Qomolo One is a cross-scenario heavy load general chassis that applies autonomous driving,

and will bear more possibilities in the future.


heavy load general chassis that applies autonomous driving

One Standard
Platform with standard interfaces

With standard interfaces, One can seamlessly interwork

with changeable scenario requirements from customers,

ensuring multiple functions all taking place on one platform.

Abundant Custom Scenarios
Based on scenario and function requirements,
users can customize compartments that meet the standard interface requirements
of One to achieve various functions such as cargo warehouses, passenger cars,
motor homes, mobile offices, and firefighting vehicles.
Aerospace-grade Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Body

Compared with bodies of the same transportation capability, the body of One is 20% lighter and more solid. In addition, its mileage is greater when compared with bodies with the same power level.

Super High Power

Peak power can reach up to 250 kW, with a rated power of 150 kW, ensuring traction weight of up to 70 tons. The fastest speed of the platform is 85 km/h, covering the driving speed and average speed in most scenarios.


Body weight


Body solidness


Peak power


Maximum traction weight


Fastest speed
Sustainable and Environmental Protection

The body utilizes an aluminum alloy framework, and steel use is dramatically reduced during production,

which helps protect the environment.

Compared with traditional diesel commercial vehicles, the pure electronic mobile platform of One

helps reduce emissions by 50% across the whole life cycle.

Full-Stack Autonomous Driving

Q-PilotQ-PilotMulti-Road Condition Intelligent Driving System Platform

New integrated sensing framework, 360° surrounding environment observation, integrated positioning with a precision of up to 2 cm, thousands of scenario cases and planning control

WELL FMSWELL FMSFleet Management System

Multi-thread task assignment, intelligent scheduling, and fully automatic path planning


New energy full drive-by-wire turning, acceleration, and braking

Well SIMWell SIMSimulation Testing Platform

Lightweight or highly rendered simulation environments for testing autonomous driving and operation systems while meeting the requirements of systematic process testing and custom scenario testing

WELL PROCESSWELL PROCESSProduction Efficiency Coordination Platform

Support for data-driven digital operations


Deep learning training platform where data is uploaded to the cloud to accelerate deep learning implementation and version iteration

WELL CONNECTWELL CONNECTWireless Vehicle Communication Network

Primary and secondary links to ensure reliable communication

WELL REMOTEWELL REMOTERemote Control Technology

Shorter shutdown time, higher production efficiency, and no need for on-site personnel, ensuring employee safety
ThailandLaem Chabang Port
Helped Hutchison Port Holdings Thailand (HPT) build smart port project with the mixed operation of unmanned and manned trucks
UAE CSP Phase 2
Take the lead in the Middle East in applying autonomous driving with Westwell-owned capacity service and operation-based billing model
ChinaQingdao Port
Promoted the implementation of AIGT autonomous driving and FMS
ChinaTianjin Port
Implemented 30 AIGT and the first FMS in China. Helped the Tianjin Port take the lead in China in fully utilizing autonomous driving
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